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The Ulti-Lift: A revolutionary Non-Surgical Facelift


In the past, many opt for a surgical facelift to achieve the taut skin they once had. This treatment is not without its complications as there is significant associated downtime due to the post-operative bruising and pain. Some also complain of an unnatural appearance.

South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic has introduced the Ulti-Lift as an alternative to surgery. This popular treatment comprises of 2 sessions a week apart, and comprise of FDA-approved treatments which are brand-names in their own right: Thermage and Ultherapy.

Thermage utilizes radiofrequency to tighten the pre-existing collagen while it activates the skin to produce additional collagen and results in a more taut and firm skin consistency. The second session, Ultherapy will tighten the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) and result in a lifted appearance.

The results will be gradual and would reach its maximal effect between 1-3 months and the result is expected to last 1-2 years. This treatment is also expected to provide a more natural appearance compared to surgery.

Contact SBA Clinic at 9730 8999 to make an appointment for discussion with Dr Winston Lee on suitability for the Ulti-Lift.