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The South Bridge Peel


The South Bridge Peel is a unique offering by SBA Clinic for the treatment of pigmentation issues. Such problems are commonly seen in Asian women, including melasma, sun-related pigmentation and post inflammatory pigmentation (PIH). This is a medium depth peel which means it can better target the lesions, yet avoid the excessive down-time associated with deeper peels. It contains Retinol, Salicylic acid and other exfoliant products.

The SB Peel contains a combination of effective exfoliants which is applied in the clinic and rinsed off after a duration of time (best advised after consultation and review by our staff). It is recommended that a preparatory step of using a home-care product be done to improve results and reduce irritation.

We will usually advise patients that a series of sessions is needed for optimal results. Mild/moderate skin concerns such as acne and light pigmentation can also be controlled through a maintenance regime, combined with suitable topical products.

Is the treatment suitable for me?

Our doctors will review the medical history, any drug use and lifestyle issues, as well as examine the patient to see if this treatment is suitable for you. Our experience is that most patients tolerate the treatment well, excepting any drug allergies/reactions that may be unpredictable. Please also inform the team of any skin products you may have used in the past week as they may lead to increased redness with the SB Peel.

Any infection or sunburn that is noticed during consultation may render you unsuitable for the SB Peel, and should be reviewed again prior to the treatment

Is there any downtime?

Some patients with sensitive skin may experience some redness after the treatment, which is why we would recommend that a first session is done 2-3 weeks before a major event (wedding or otherwise), and this permits assessment of the skin condition. If no excessive redness is observed, a second session can be done 2-3 days prior to the event.

The quick pick-me-up results makes this suitable for important events.

Can any other treatments be done in conjunction?

This is a good question, and we would recommend that an interval of 24-48 hours occurs before doing other treatments to avoid excessive irritation. After we understand the patients’ skin reaction (if any), then we would further advise on this.

Any post-procedural care or precautions?

Avoid excessive sun exposure for the next 72 hours, and ensure adequate sun-protection through use of sunblock and sunscreen. You could also consider using oral sunscreen such as Heliocare.