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What are skinboosters? How does it work and what can it be used for?

Commonly known as 水光针, skinboosters are one of the newest additions to non-invasive aesthetic treatment options. The importance of hydration to the skin cannot be overstated, but with skinboosters, this can now be achieved from within the skin through microinjections consisting of hyaluronic acid (HA). In turn, healthy looking skin that is both luminous and radiant can be achieved. Skinboosters can also be combined with other treatments including fillers, BTX and antioxidants etc. to help one achieve that natural glow. Not only can it be used to treat various skin conditions including wrinkles, pigmentation and pores, skinboosters can also serve as a form of treatment to maintain one’s beautiful skin.


Day of treatment

After application of a topical numbing cream, skinboosters are delivered directly into the skin through multiple microinjections using a specialized device. The entire process averages around 15-30 minutes with next to no downtime thereafter. Some subtle injection marks may remain after treatment but they are usually self-limiting, inconspicuous and will go away by the next day.


What to expect and further treatment

The initial course of treatment usually requires at least 3 sessions spaced evenly over 2-4 weeks each. Typically, the effects of such a course of skinbooster treatment will then last for around 6 months. This can then be followed-up with further treatment sessions every 6 months or so to maintain one’s desired look.


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