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Radiofrequency Body Contouring

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Non-invasive body-contouring treatments by radiofrequency (RF) is useful for patients who are interested in:

  • Reducing skin laxity or looseness over the abdomen, thighs and arms
  • Streamlining the body contour – Smoothing and firming the texture of the skin
  • Reducing stubborn fat pockets and minimizing the appearance of cellulite

RF utilizes an oscillating electrical current which is transformed into heat, and it is believed to produce a microinflammatory process that promotes the growth of new collagen and causes the skin to contract with a temporary smoothening/tightening and firming effect.

At SBA, we have 2 machines for the purpose of contouring and tightening the skin of the body. THERMAGE is available for a more effective tightening of the abdominal and body skin with improved appearance but due to its greater penetrance, there is some mild discomfort during the procedure.

The MIDAS New Hironic RF machine provides both monopolar and bipolar treatment and can be used for the body and face. Its gentler energy is more comfortable but we usually recommend a small series of treatment sessions.

Through the manipulation of skin cooling and the delivery of RF energy to precise depths in the tissues, RF treatments can also be utilized to reduce the size of stubborn fat pockets. Because RF thermal stimulation occurs irrespective of skin type or color, RF body contouring treatments are appropriate for patients of all ethnicities and skin types.





How long does each treatment take?
Thermage Body takes about 1.5-2hours, while the MIDAS New Hironic RF takes about 30 minutes per session (recommended a series of 5 sessions for best results)


What sort of results should I expect?
Almost immediately there will be an improvement in the skin appearance and over several sessions we expect an improvement in the contouring due to the improved skin texture.


Any risks?
RF is generally safe, with the main side effect of mild redness after the treatment .