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If you have found yourself battling the last few inches of stubborn fat at localized areas, despite all the endless exercising and sweating and starvation diets… There is help available at SBA Clinic.

There are other modalities available to treat certain areas of fat, but Liposonix is a versatile, non invasive system that allows for a truly customized treatment in an hour to 90 minutes. It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy that can penetrate through the skin layers into the targeted fat tissue without hurting the skin. HIFU energy SELECTIVELY destroy the subcutaneous fat with predictable results.

This FDA-cleared machine selectively destroys the subcutaneous fat with predictable results in a NON-Invasive fashion and it can easily be done during your lunch break. See how Liposonix works from the video below:




Am I a good candidate for Liposonix?
Liposonix is suitable for both men and women. Our doctors will assess if you are suitable through the “pinch test” in which a minimum of an inch of fat should be present. You should be of a BMI less than 30.

What happens to the fat during Liposonix?
The fat cells which are disrupted attracts the body’s healing responses. The special white cells called macrophages would transport the fat through the lymphatic system to the liver and metabolized. This process of fat metabolism will allow results to be seen typically in 8 to 12 weeks.

What sort of results can I expect?
2 studies done in the US (n=152 and 83) concluded that HIFU appears to provide a safe means of removing and remodeling of abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissues (FAT). An average of 4.6cm reduction of the waist circumference was noted after a single treatment. (1)(2)

What are some side effects of Liposonix?
The usual adverse effects included some tenderness over the treated sites, some mild bruising which resolves spontaneously.





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