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Dy-sport Dermalift

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Looking for a quick, comfortable, lunch time lifting procedure that acts instantly? Tired of saggy skin, heavy jowls, deep laughing lines on the face, yet not ready for more painful or invasive treatments? The Dysport dermalift is your solution. Pioneered by Dr Lee Yeong Seob, South Korean plastic surgeon, for the purpose of tightening the skin of actors and actresses, while maintaining normal facial expression. The Dysport Dermalift has also been called ‘dLift’, ‘the liquid lift’, ‘instalift’ or ‘BTX lift’.

What is the procedure like?

First, your skin is assessed by one of our doctors, who have been personally trained in this procedure by its founder, Dr YS Lee. The skin is then anaesthetized using a strong topical cream. Skin marking is then done in a sitting up position to identify areas that require tightening. Small accupuncture-calibre needles deliver diluted Dysport to strategic treatment areas.

Your doctor might sit you up multiple times during the procedure to assess for symmetry or to show you the instant lifting effects of this treatment.

The entire procedure should take 10-20 minutes.

What effects can I expect?

The immediate effect is a tightening of the skin to reduce the appearance of laugh lines, to lift heavy cheeks and in some instances, to freshen up the eye area. It doesn’t stop there because you will continue to notice progressively more lifted skin over the next 1 week as the treatment fully takes effect.


How long does the effect last for?

It is recommended that you perform the Dysport Dermalift three times in the first and second year, and two times in the third year onwards. Typically, without re-treatment, the lifted effect lasts 4 months.

Does the treatment have any side effects?

The injections leave behind little mosquito bite-like wheals that subside in 20 minutes. Some people experience mild redness of the injected areas up to 1 hour after treatment. Tiny injection marks can occasionally be seen on the periphery of the face and may last 1-2 days. Other than keeping the injected areas clean, no other specific after care is required.

Who should do the treatment?

This treatment can be done for men or women of all ages but treatment effects would depend on degree of skin laxity and other features of aging. Best effects are seen in 30-50 year old ladies. Individuals with more advanced features of sagging should consider a more comprehensive lifting treatment such as the ‘South Bridge Combi-Lift’ .

Our doctors in SBA Clinic have been personally trained by Dr Lee Yeong Seob to perform this treatment.