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Chemical Peels


What are chemical peels? How does it work and what can it be used for?

Chemical peels, as the name suggests, involve exfoliation to both correct contour irregularities and promote regeneration of damaged skin through new collagen formation. It can be used to exfoliate aged and dry skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and tighten skin for a younger and refreshed appearance. Various types of chemical peels are available so an accurate pre-treatment assessment is required not only to optimize results but also prevent unwanted complications.


Day of treatment

The peel solution is customized to your needs and applied to the face. During this time, there may be a tingling sensation as the peel is left to work on facial skin. Once treatment is complete, the chemical peel is neutralized and can be washed off.


What to expect and further treatment

Sun protection for two weeks before, and after treatment is essential. Slight redness of the face is expected for most types of peels. Some peeling of the skin may occur over the next 1-2 days as the aged and damaged skin is removed. Mild visual improvement can be observed within a few days but best results are not typically seen until 3-6 months later as new collagen is formed and undergoes remodeling. Chemical peels can also be combined with various pre-treatment regimens including IPL, lasers and mechanical exfoliation for the most dramatic results.