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Is your skin feeling dry and tight? Do you sometimes experience flaking and peeling if you forget your moisturizer? Would you label your skin as ‘sensitive’?

re:VITALboost uses only the best hyaluronic acid skinbooster to deliver deep hydration to your face. An innovative twist on the famed Taiwanese (shui guang zhen), this minimally-invasive treatment will keep your skin supple and moist during your long hours in the sun, long hours at the office or long hours in the aeroplane.

A layer of numbing cream is applied for 30 minutes and our doctor uses a precise robotic injector to perform the, then, painless treatment. We recommend immediate post-procedure application of our “SBA Stem Cell EGF Recovery Mask” for quicker healing.

For best results, book for 3 sessions (monthly), and get a free top-up session to be used when the effects start to diminish, usually in a year.