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The Rapid Glow Laser


This painless laser treatment was tailored for the busy working adult with no time to care for their skin. A popular lunch-time treatment, this laser treatment takes care of dead skin, pigmentation, excessive oil production and those annoying enlarged pores.

It works by combining different types of laser treatments at gentle doses to immediately brighten up your dull skin in 20 minutes. A laser beam first tones the skin using gentle heat, then, dead skin cells are vaporized using a high energy beam. This is then followed by deep penetrating laser beams breaking down melanin (black pigment) in the deeper, harder to reach parts of your skin.

We recommend the use of our SBA Stem Cell EGF Recovery Mask after each Rapid Glow Laser treatment.

Say goodbye to a dull, oily complexion and hello to bright, GLOWing skin.