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Internal Circulation
Private and Confidential 

The Management hereby notifies the termination of Dr. Winston Lee as Medical Director of South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic.
The company will not be responsible for any unauthorized dealings that he has entered into.
Should there be any misrepresentation, parties should seek restitution from Dr Lee directly.

Kindly contact ask@sbaclinic.com for more information.


Dr Winston Lee was business partner and also the Medical Director of 277 South Bridge Road. In our 4 years with him, we have seen him coasting along as a GP doctor, occassionally learning aesthetics so no one can fault him for not doing anything. Being the only partner who is of medical background, we would assume his speed of learning is common amongst doctors picking up aesthetics as their professional focus.

However, we did not expect him to take so many years from July 2013 to only be able to do basic machine based carbon laser and just now, some botox and filler treatments. When Doctor Joshua came in in 2016, he picked up aesthetics within a month of joining us, and left us wondering if it’s because our business partner take so little interest in his own craft.

While working with us, we faced uphill battles of getting him to contribute more time to the running of the business, rather than to keep taking up locum jobs outside and unscheduled last minute overseas holidays without concern for manpower issues on the ground.

As a partner and the only doctor of the group, his laziness towards other doctors that we hired and bossy attitude towards our staff affected the staff morale severely. We were lucky to be able to keep the key staff by engaging them closely to maintain their confidence in the firm while we were giving him chances after chances to beef up his relevant productivity to help himself and the firm.

When his locum company Sanofi dismissed him, one would have thought he would have more time to focus and practise Aesthetics. Did it happen? No.
We were given the impression that SBA could only muster that 150k revenue at most in 2015, allowing him to hide behind that deception.

We are incensed at his behaviour, where thousands of dollars were spent on marketing him professionally, making him a well known face and personality in the aesthetics circle, all from an unknown GP doctor. We helped him create a fan base of his own to bolster his confidence and reputation, but now we are facing his sneaky betrayal telling customers quietly to patronize his new outlet in Simei for their ‘convenience’ instead, masquerading as an extension of The South Bridge Group brand.

In May 2017, we had a closed door meeting addressing his irresponsibility as the Medical Director, not wanting to learn Hair Transplant and only limiting his growth as an aesthetic doctor to simple machine treatments. He confessed his deep seated disrespect of his business partners as they are not medically trained and ‘contribute’ to the business is not soon forgotten as well. In the end, who did not contribute within their professional means with only 5% of the total clinics’ revenues attributable to work done by him is writing on the wall. His self centeredness and preservation is undeniable, and there was no defence He could put up for his misdemeanour. He apologised to all the business partners for failing in his duties, and promised to buck up from there. He promised to bring up sales, to rally the staff with good responsible behaviour and do his utmost to atone for his past indifference and inaction.

It is now June 2018, to everyone’s detriment, nothing much has changed. To have someone trusted, someone who is one of us do this behind our backs is truly insulting.He has admitted to not only bringing his own investors to our premises, under our noses to talk about investing with his other business ventures, we also had to put up with him attempting to poach our staff. He would MIA when patients were waiting for him in the clinic and longer, going for his extended coffee breaks to discuss his other ventures.

Such lack of self censure is a backhanded slap to all the hard work put in by the staff across all levels.

During this time, we have seen doctors joined us and be placed under his mentorship. What we didn’t see coming was how as the overall Medical Director and business partner, little was done to galvanize the new doctors to better performance. The same kind of laziness and complacency that reeked of Winston Lee pervaded the atmosphere. Those who did more naturally felt short changed and bitter. We made the mistake of putting the new doctors too close to this silent yet deadly poison.

Even our business tie ups with other hospitals initiated by him ended in failure, and little was conveyed to management, and decisions were mostly unilateral.
None of the other business partners received a pay during the time they are here at the clinic, and it is still the case, even as we have been working day in and out to make sure our staff and investors are taken care of first. With all hands on deck, even the staff are taking up the fight with us by agreeing to delays in salary payment. Did Winston stand with us or against us? Instead, he still feels justified to collect his pay working as a business partner, he showed little remorse or desire to do his part.

For more than 3 years, he camped out as a GP in an Aesthetic Clinic, failed as a responsible business partner, yet when called to action, he was secretly making plans outside to exit and leave the company in the lurch.

Most businesses would have died from this kind of invisible internal attacks. His lack of commitment to his fiduciary duties led to us making a sustained loss in potential profits amounting to S$10.2 million over 36 months of just coasting and camping. Even at our high of S$1 million profit monthly in 2017, the slow acting poison that is Winston Lee sapped us of S$300k each month in repaying bank loans that could have been easily gone to bolster our healthy profits. Imagine the high cost of financing this multi-million dollar business, we took 5 year bank loans to finance our business, with his 3 years of camping and holidaying, we are left with 2 years to clear the loans owing regardless. No amount of words can downplay this atrocity!

Even in his last days here with us, he is still helping himself with our resources, database and clients. He has no regard for the right and wrong. Even his own sibling made an investment trusting him, and what does he do? Quietly create networks outside to start new businesses and turning his back on everyone. He made his plans to jettison this ‘sinking ship’ and only informed, never consulting or asking for permission like a decent human being.

Even his sacrifice of wanting to bankrupt himself does little to absolve him of the blood on his hands for the damage he has caused. One is not far from the truth, to say that doing so only helps him to end what he feels is an impasse, to shed his skin and slither away. In his mind all can be sacrificed, as long as he lives, will he do it again when given the chance?

After the intervention of 26 April 2018, where the partners gave him a chance redeem his past misdeeds by fighting alongside with us. Yet, he chose to leave. We had to step in to make him stay till June 2018. Why? A threat was levied on him that all businesses linked to him would be hunted down and taken apart should be choose to not even do us this last minor justice of giving us a notice period. He did stay, but not out of honour or duty.

After the damage inflicted on us, his only sacrifice is bankruptcy. If you ask yourselves this, is our business strong enough that we withstood this attack from within? How many businesses can do that and survive like we do? Betrayed 4 times over, taking 3 years to learn basic machine based aesthetics, to not picking up hair transplant, promising and apologizing for his recalcitrant behaviour and still not changing to now wanting to secretly make exit plans unilaterally.

Through it all, despite numerous talks held with him to address his issues, his selfishness and lack of compassion towards others drove him to where he is now: terminated and going to be bankrupted. Also, we are exploring and reserve the right to sue him on his misconduct of fiduciary duties as directors of the firm, in jeopardizing firm’s profitability and potential growth, and create conflict of interest situations by setting up his own venture outside quietly since last year, poaching our staff to join him, and solicit investment funds for his new venture tapping on (stealing) our client database.