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Dr. Winston Lee Speaks

The field of aesthetics medicine in the mind of many is synonymous with face lifting and fillers, which are perceived as an instant means of enhancing one’s appearance. It is also a misplaced assumption that aesthetics is limited to those who can afford to spend thousands in the pursuit of beauty.

I aim to uphold 2 key tenets:

  1. The patient must be seen as an individual and not receive a cookie-cutter treatment plan.
  2. Pursuit of beauty is a long-drawn process that requires commitment from both the doctor and patient.

I approach the 1st with the firm belief that a thorough consultation of pre-existing health conditions and understanding the patient’s life-style and skin-care regimen, and will then prescribe a personalized treatment plan.

For the 2nd, I have chosen to establish South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic with an interesting slant to the practice of aesthetics. Its focus is on providing several established minimally-invasive treatments that can be part of our patients’ regular skin-care maintenance plans.

I trust that South Bridge Aesthetics, with its quality services and well-trained friendly staff will provide you with a wonderful experience.

-Dr Winston Lee